PUNE, India

Asian women’s Rugby Championships 2012.

5 months of sweat, blood and hard work laid out on the table…all bought to where I am now. It never hit me that I was going to be a part of an elite team making my way to India to play professional rugby until I literally took off on that plane. The more I looked around the more appreciative I felt. My heart has never felt as content as it did the day I got chosen for the Pune, India Squad. Knowing that I was going to be playing with some of the top rugby players in the UAE convinced me that I was following the right path. A path which I may not have planned, but a grand path big enough for others too to be a part of.

When it came to sports I always secretly wanted something more if I had the chance. I longed and worked for it. Now, being back from Pune, India shows how much I have accomplished through our losses and wins as a team and through my mistakes and my achievements as an individual athlete. I have become a better person and a better rugby player, not only for my family or for my team, but for myself. Hard work always pays off.


UAE Ladies Representatives Team


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