Thank You India!!!

I had the opportunity of going to India to play rugby of which was great fun.

I went in 2o12 and 2013 October. My time there was mostly spent in Pune and spent several hours in New Delhi and Mumbai.

I absolutely loved it, not just because I had or felt that carefree power of having travelled and taking on a load of independence and responsibility, but because it was different.

It was green, it was busy, and it was GREEENNNN. I miss seeing green pastures and beautiful hills full of vegetation. The RAIN…it was so lovely…not too lovely to play in as the muddy and wet conditions did not favor my team too much, but it was just a great change. Change is what I needed so despesperately. A different good change and some time very far away.

I learnt a bit about India’s history whilst in New Delhi. The rivalries of religions and some stuff about Hinduism and their gods such as Ganesh for example.

Although half of us were asleep during the tour after a long weekend of rugby it was so beautiful to experience something so different and to see something so different in person and up front. It was a pleasure going in to one of the holy temples and looking at people pray and just believe. It was great.

It is definitely something I would like to learn more about.

So thank you India for my break and for some great rugby. Until this October 🙂


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