Summer 11′

I am a fan of color when it comes to taking pictures. I truly do admire pictures in black and white, because I find them to be more sophisticated and profound looking, but color is a lot more fun, expressive and eccentric and so is summer.

Graffiti being done in Sharjah is a big deal/risk, although you can find some within every other neighborhood. But someone who does graffiti creates some imagination whether they know it or not. The colors used are eccentric.

This was taken early in the morning. One would normally expect children to be at a park trying to play on every ride before they have to go back home. But it seemed different now that the ride was merely alone.

I thought this was pretty and unique. The cart represents UAE’s old heritage characteristics. Old looking and brown.

Somewhat like the old markets found in the past.

Dubai Festival City’s Canal Walk. Absolutely beautiful in the morning. I normally see this area during the evenings but to see the sun reflect light off the water and off the plants makes the place look fresh and earthly.

Nommin good food. I love eating here. If I were to be a chef Jamie Oliver would be my inspiration. As well as Gordon Ramsey. Legends.

Love color. I unfortunately do not have a pro camera so it made it harder to capture that bird. But that is what I got. Any closer and it would have flown away.

Seemed like spring time.

This photo was taken at an art exhibition called The Art Sikka Fair. It was another of promoting art and culture in Dubai. I thought this bench was cool.

My cousin took this picture of me swimming. She too is a bit of an artist. This was taken early in the morning about 4-5 am. Weird of us swimming at that time but we’re young. What is summer without a pool?!

I never really intended on taking architectural pictures. But when I saw this I was quite inspired to take more photos.

‘Playing with light’ as photographers say

Visited a Wadi in Fujairah. Wish I could have gone mountain climbing.

Some floats getting some sun

Some pretty black and whites

I bet you this guy wants to run. Amazingly fast animals. Camels.

I think this being in black and white is beautiful.

Divers. I love coming to this part of Dubai Mall. I think its bold and daring. Reminds me of how I really want to go cliff diving. GULP.

Ice cream is more than a snack to me, it could be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Makes dessert seem inconsequential. But it is also refreshing. Everyone loves eating ice cream during hot summers.

A summer’s afternoon

Dubai Aquarium. Poor fishes stuck in that tank. Sometimes I imagine what the fish are wondering. Some just sit there chilling opening and closing their mouths. I wonder what they think of us.

I was at an amusement park and just as my friends and I got tired there was an arabic concert playing. So we decided to sit in and along with the clapping.

Beachhh. I love the energy from the waves.

Summer mornings at 4 am

Summers evening at 9pm

Along with summer comes birthdays. Beautiful Ice cream cake.


Dubai’s afternoon

The Burj Khalifa

Something I would love to do one day.

Inverted colors.

Summer is a time to feel inspired and have fun. It is the longest holiday everyone gets unless they have to work, but it is a great time to live life. Next summer I hope I do stuff that is as exciting as my last.


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