Duration: 1 year

Start Date: 15th August 2012

Finish Date: 15th August 2013



15th: ‘Lights’

16th: ‘Mesmerize’

17th: ‘Faulty’

18th: ‘Kaching’

19th: ‘Birthday Boy’

20th: ‘Rainblur’

21st: ‘Cuzzo’

22nd: ‘Moods’

23rd: ‘Pas de Mots’

24th: ‘Relapse&Relax’

25th: ‘Wonderous’

26th: ‘Confronted’

27th: ‘Parking’

28th: ‘Vibrant’

29th: ‘Flash’

30th: ‘Thieve Your Emotions’

31st: ‘Gloomed Nights’


1st: ‘Sands&Shadows’

2nd: ‘Babbling Brook’

3rd: ‘Dubai Metro’

4th: ‘Sideline’

5th: ‘Beyond Limits’

6th: ‘Happy’

7th: ‘Time Lapse’

8th: ‘Friends’

9th: ‘Fresh Morning’

10th: ‘The Robe’

11th: ‘Night Light’

12th: ‘The Baby Maker’

13th: ‘Familiarity’

14th: ‘Remembering’

15th: ‘Jumping Eddie’

16th: ‘HypeonSkype’

17th: ‘UAERA’

18th: ‘Brushing Off’

19th: ‘Solidified Blocks’

20th: ‘Sense&Thought’

21st: ‘Boomering Fun’

22nd: ‘Squiggly’

23rd: ‘Reckless Behaviour’

24th: ‘Quiet Mornings’

25th: ‘Sound Off The Rain’

26th: ‘Denaturing’

27th: ‘Fly Away’

28th: ‘Plain Sights’

29th: ‘Struck True’

30th: ‘Karama’


1st: ‘Insomnia’

2nd: ‘Moving Day’

3rd: ‘Surrender To Life’

4th: Up, Up and Away’

5th: ‘UAERA Ladies Representatives Team’

6th: ‘Rucking’

7th: ‘Happy Days’

8th: ‘Bonds’

9th: ‘Rambo’

10th: ‘Life On Pause’

11th: ‘Reassurance’

12th: ‘Ruins’

13th: ‘Man Of The Hour’

14th: ‘The Artist

15th: ‘Great Youth’

16th: ‘Headstrong’

17th: ‘Tony The Tiger’

18th: ‘Man’s Best Friend. My Worst Enemy’

19th: ‘Sandman’s Road’

20th: ‘Waterspout’

21st: ‘Heated’

22nd: ‘Happy Birthday Alina’

23rd: ‘Gathered’

24th: ‘The Hub’

25th: ‘Deceptive Heart’

26th: ‘Nocticulent’

27th: ‘Assorted’

28th: ‘Rolla’

29th: ‘Prepped and Prete’

30th: ‘Melted Skies’

31st: ‘This is Halloween’



1st: ‘Presents’

2nd: ‘Awaiting’

3rd: ‘Happy Birthday Yoco’

4th: ‘Glower’






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