There are so many times where I have felt so misplaced.

It is no ones fault…just unfortunate.

Every human on this planet has their futuristic plan and to our eventful lives sometimes these plans never go according to the way we plan.

Some plans or dreams are achieved and conquered.

Some plans or dreams are eventually reached through hardship and dedication.

And unfortunately some are never achieved or reached.

I hope I’m not number 3…I know that with guts and mind so determined and daring I can do anything…eventually. Everything takes time and with time comes patience. I have learnt to be so patient over the past 6 months.

Everyone you know around you is moving forward [hopefully] and the same is happening to me.

But I feel like I’m stuck in the mud. Left alone. One wolf left out of 15. There is always this established process that we humans have subconsciously created when it comes to growing up, which is to go through certain events in our lives in order to be successful, but it feels like the process I am going through is longer than others.

I understand that where there is good there is bad and vice versa. So whatever happens in the future whether good or bad, something worthwhile will come out of it.

I just have to be patient and go for it. Pray and have hope. Keep my faith and believe.


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