How do you expect me to grow up if you’re not giving me the chance to explore myself and this world?

My brain is spilling jello and my words are running away from me.

It is almost summer and I already feel trapped.

When I escape, it is guaranteed that my own feet will carry me a long way

But I wont forget. Forget that long road with my foot prints right behind me.

But let me look forward on my own

I, in the depths of my heart, know what to do

I have that will.

Getting lost is inevitable but being found is possible.

There is no one else.

Let me grow.


2 thoughts on “Let.Me.Grow

  1. I love this. Yes, getting lost is part of the journey. Getting lost allows us to explore areas we never considered before. Thank you for pointing this out so beautifully. Let me grow….that is what we are here for, isn’t it? Great post! Thanks, hugs, pat

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