Is it a good idea?

When I think about interventions I think about ‘troubled’ people. People of whom have problems of which effect the ones they love.

It’s a shame when you see someone you love go turn the wrong way in life. It makes you want to turn them back around, help them, put them on the right track. When 2 friends of whom you love separate it makes things a lot harder. You start hanging out with one friend in hopes that the other does not get jealous or mad and the same with the other friend.

But then you think…this is the choice they have made. We are young adults now making our own decisions in life now and they have chosen to follow their own paths disregarding the other in their life. I think just because bad things happen does not mean they are bad people.

But am I truly a friend if I lie back and just expect things to turn out ok. Theres so much one can do but if no effort is received from neither one of them, or if one shows effort and the other does not…then what is the point? I should respect their wants and wishes….right? orrrr no? Life just gets a little bit more complicated when your closest friends disperse. More arguing, more complications.

The fact of having an intervention would be good so everyone’s voice can be heard. But is it fair for the ones that do not want the friendship?

Friendships, one of the relationships in life that you should be able to count on however they too can disappoint you.


One thought on “Interventions

  1. Interventions are a good thing. But be sure, that each person wants it somewhere in their heart. Sometimes, moves made to make-up are trashed because of the over-whelming effect of an initial blunt decision to move away. Everyone is disappointed, and unfortunately, life teaches us that those we cherish the most are the ones with the greatest potential to destroy us. Along the way, we have all wanted the same things, but we wanted them at different points in our lives. When things don’t add up, and incidents cannot be shared, misunderstandings form. Again, forgiveness is a relative concept, the time you choose to bestow it, unique from person to person. Regret draws with time when such a concept is still in the void, when connections are broken and when people move on. Maybe you should intervene. Maybe only you hold the power of seeing both stories, of being able to hold both their griefs. Sometimes, friends are powerless in their pain and they too, feel evil because of that potential they have to destroy. But like you said, how much can one take? Where is the humanity in watching yourself, your integrity, your character burn while you let yourself go for to preserve whatever love remains? Standing up for what you believe in, is as important as believing in it. Sometimes, we intentionally go the wrong way, in hopes that our friends will have the courage to transcend over their own emotions, vulnerabilities and fears, all just to bring us back.

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