‘Throw Someone A Surprise Party’


and let me add another word



So the idea of a surprise birthday party is for the person to be a surprise right?

Well I have been ask to hold and organise 2 surprise birthday parties in the past and the very first friend of mine figured it out on the way over and the last figured it out because she saw the invite on her brothers laptop. GREAT!

The first surprise birthday party was for a friend of mine. It was for her 16th and I had organised for a friend of mine to pick her up and bring her to my house. When she went over to pick her up my friend asked her to get dressed up. Now obviously she would be asked “why do I have to get dressed up?” And she had nothing much to say in response for she is not much of a liar. But the surprise girl eventually found out on the way over to my house for she put 2 and 2. But she did have a good time. Which was majority of the point…right? To have fun. Even though the surprise part was quite ruined I am happy everything else turned out great.

The second surprise party was more hectic. Her mother had asked me to help her set it up. So I did the invites and the music while she sorted out the food and venue. I had the role of bringing my best friend to the party venue…which was…hell…I got a huge headache just trying to convince her that we were just going to go out in the city and have a great time partying, but for some reason she just did not believe me because the only reason why we would go to the city would be for shopping or just having fun, not partying. But I tried so hard to convince her until she told me she already knew about it. I was so mad at her. All our hard work had gone to waste, but I told her to shape up and act as if she did not know anything. Cheeky devil, she was hilarious.

On the way to the venue we saw 3 guest invites near the gate which completely ruined the surprise. That is when I literally slapped my hand at my forehead. Tired of the night already! After getting out the car I had to drag her to the door of the Dive Bar in order for her to enter and be surprised. She did not even want to go in!!! I told her to shape up and think of all the people who have come for her surprise birthday party and she finally said OK! So she walked in and SURPRISEEEEEE. What an actress! I thought and just laughed.












She was so happy and so was I. So I was glad.

Nonetheless, both parties were great fun and both surprises were ‘acted’ out great, but I reckon if someone asks me to help throw another surprise birthday party or take part in it besides being an invite…I might actually think twice about it




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