‘See A City Upside Down’


Who ever thought seeing a city upside down was impossible are just not as imaginative.

When visiting my Fijian friends several months ago I went on a particular amusement park ride of which I told myself I would never go on. Brave me had the scariest time of my life, but once I got off I wanted to go on it again.

There is a ride called ‘Ranger’, however I believe it might be called something else elsewhere. One reason as to why I love being on this ride is not for the thrill, but because once you are hanging in the air with your stomach feeling dodgy and open your eyes you literally see the city upside down. It is so amazing!!! There might be other rides or ways that let you see a city upside down, but this is my favorite so far. You get to see a city upside down and have fun screaming your gutts out. Couldn’t ask for anything else at an amusement park…besides for ice cream.

First Time in Al Ain!

Second time riding, but in Sharjah. Me trying to be a toughy, but really I felt like...

these guys


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