‘Go Wall Climbing’


I remember going wall climbing when I was around 10. I was so intrigued in doing crazy daring adrenaline rush sports and events at such an early age. I went to The Nothern Star Camp in Fujairah, UAE with a group of classmates, and after staying the night over the first thing we were going to do was climb a tall wall. I had never done it before and I had definitely not seen one that tall before, but I was up for it. I went first and managed to make it all he way to the top. I almost got stuck and one point and almost let go, but I didn’t. Whilst climbing up and I stopped and looked to my left and I could see the sea beyond me. It was so blue and beautiful. Within it was a rocky Island which looked uninhabited. But I kept climbing.

I loved being so high up. It was nice for a change rather than being on the ground all the time. I wanted to do it over and over again and I wanted to go up a different and harder way to challenge myself and see if I could make it, but I couldn’t because everyone else needed a turn. Later on we went mountain climbing, which was a lot harder, but more fun.

Going to this camp really challenged me mentally and physically, but it was great fun!


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