‘Go Mountain Climbing’

I went mountain climbing, around the same time I went wall climbing,  at The Northern Star Camp in Fujairah, UAE. It was so exhilarating and fun.

Before we started we learnt how to use our gear. They gave us partners and with each set came an instructor to ensure our safety. The main instructor, Chris, went first to show us how its done, for it was all our first time.This is when snarky comments from us kids commenced. Some saying ‘Oh piece of cake’ and ‘I can do this in my sleep’, but with me saying ‘OH MY GOSH!’

It was hot when we trekked out later at noon, but it cooled down, yet I could still feel sweat trickling down my forehead and falling of my ears and nose. My hands were shaking. I was nervous! But it was time. Time for me to step out of my comfort zone and do something exhilarating and different.

I went ahead first not knowing what to expect up ahead. We started at sunset so the sun wouldn’t bake our backs and our fingers would not heat as we held on to bare rock. I was scared. I’ll admit it. I was scared of having a random lizard come and bite my finger, or a scorpion come and attack my hands. I was scared of hanging on to lose rock and potentially falling it my gear failed to hold me on to the mountain. The number of thoughts that were going through my head as I started climbing were limitless, but I kept going because I was 1/4 up already. Why stop? I couldn’t come back down or all my already drained energy would have gone to waste. But I did it and I made it and I had to wait for everyone else to make it up. When we were done we all walked back down the mountain and left the climbing back down for another day because it was already dark.

The next day we left a bit later with the intentions of climbing down the rock this time. Man now I thought climbing up was tricky, but climbing down was scary, but it worked out great.

After doing such a daring sport, I knew then that I could really do anything I wanted to. It was just all up to me and a heart of courage to try.

Me climbing down the very same mountain the next day


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