‘Camp on a Beach’


New years eve 2011 was the day I camped on the beach. A fun achievement for the day which turned out to be successful and eventful. Before I had arrived my friends had set up an impressive camp illuminated with christmas lights and a cover to prevent sand from ‘attacking’ our food. When I say food I mean noodles. And only noodles.

Our camp

My night included me jumping on to a wrecked Dhow. As weird as it seems me not liking myself being on boats, I jumped on!! Getting down was a challenge though. My friends and I explored the beach, danced and ate all night. We got to carried away with laughs and jokes that we almost forgot the countdown. We were situated at Al Hamriyah Beach in Umm al Quawain, which is 3 emirates away from Dubai and we could see the Burj Khalifa from a far. We saw its fireworks and other fireworks near the emirate. We all stood next to each other shouting and wishing each other Happy New Year.

Our kettle used to make our noodles

Our night concluded with the setting up of tents and the making of a bon fire for warmth. The night grew colder with every minute which resulted to me feeling tired. I fell asleep in my tent without a thick blanket because my friend had forgotten to pack me one, but I handled it like a warrior. It felt like war, a huge struggle to keep warm through the night, but I finally fell asleep as the sun came up…Horrible sleep.

GOT UPPP....noww to get downn :S

Overall it was a lovely night where friends actually came together to celebrate new beginnings. I hope the rest of you bloggers/readers had a lovely New Year!!!

Cheers to New beginnings.


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