Bucket List

Bucket Lists make life a little bit more exciting. I believe it is a different way of accomplishing exciting and challenging things you want to do in life. Whilst I try to accomplish my life long bucket list I will try and take pictures of my accomplishments and post them here. Lets Seehope I am still writing blogs while I am 30 x) I reckon.

Steph’s Bucket List


1. Be in two places at the same time

2. Go Shooting

3. Save a life

4. Send a message in a bottle

5. Paint a whole room

6. Throw someone a surprise party

7. Visit a movie set

8. Write a whole script

9. Make a documentary about tribes

10. Volunteer abroad

11. Find inner peace

12. Meet an old wise chinese/japanese man

13. Build a tree house [HA!]

14. Complete my movie collection

15. See a meteor shower

16. Watch turtles return to the sea

17. Swim with Dolphins

18. Go diving

19. Visit a cave

20. See prophet Mohammed’s grave

21. Cliff diving

22. Sky dive

23. Go in a hot air balloon

24. Dive in an aquarium

25. Go wakeboard

26. Water skiing

27. Jet ski

28. Ride in a helicopter

29. Camp on a beach

30. Attend a yoga class

31. Attend an aerobics class

32. Float in the Dead Sea

33. Attend a sandance

34. Go clubbing

35. Go to a light house

36. Attend a film festival

37. Go wall climbing

28. Go mountain climbing

29. Attend an Arsenal game

30. Attend a 15s rugby all blacks/Samoa game

31. Attend a 7s rugby all blacks/Samoa game

32. See Cirque Du Soleil

33. See Russian Ballet

34. Visit an aquarium


35. See a whale

36. See a dolphin

37. Help at a rice farm in china

38. Get a prosummer video camera

39. Get a GoPro

40. See a city upside down

41. Milk a cow

42. Play with sheeps

43. Ride a horse

44. See a pony

45. Witness a Mammatus cloud

46. Meet Robert De Niro

Learn to:

1. Learn the Piano properly

2. Learn the Violin

3. Learn Sign Language

4. Learn japanese or Korean

5. Learn Tagalog

6. Learn Arabic

7. Learn Samoan

8. Learn how to snowboard

9. Learn to fly a plane

10. Make Ice cream

11. Learn Judo

12. Learn how to surf

13. Learn Calligraphy

14. Learn Kayaking

Travel to:

1. Egypt [and see the pyramids, graves, River Nile and sphinx]

2. Arctic/Arctic Circle [and see the Nothern Lights]

3. Virginia [and see Pochahontas’ statue]

4. Russia [and see St. Pauls Cathedral and the Kremlin]

5. China [and see the great wall, mountains, rice farms, villages and everythingggggg]

6. Brazil [and parasail and attend a carnival]

7. Hawaii [and meet lilo :P]

8. Islands in the Pacific [Samoa, Fiji, Tokelau, Vanuatu, Tonga etc.]

9. New Zealand [and work/live there]

10. France [and work there]

11. Amazon [climb tall trees]

12. Greece [Stand at the edge of a cliff facing the Meditteranean]

11. Croatia

12. Cyprus

13. Australia

14. South Korea

15. Japan

16. Laos

17. Antarctica

18. Sri Lanka

19. Maldives

20. Vietnam

21. England [attend a wimbledon match and everything else]

22. Peru [visit Machu Picchu]

23. Italy [visit Pompeii]

24. Stand on the Equator

25. Stand on the Tropic of Capricorn

26. Stand on the Tropic of Cancer

27. Holland [See the wind turbines]

28. San Francisco


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