Dubai Hurricanes in Bahrain

Playing club rugby in the UAE league is never ending fun. It may be the same process, where teams in the A and B division play each other continuously to see who shall retain the number one title as the best team in the UAE, yet however each tournament has been different with my club team, the Dubai Hurricanes and the Abu Dhabi Harlequins unremitting battle for the title. Thanks to our outstanding play and improvements with team work and support during our matches we won the Kuwait tournament hosted in Bahrain.

For some reason winning this tournament felt really special. The way we played was something to be proud of. It is one thing to feel like a team, but another to go out on the pitch and play as one. Our B division team, the Cyclones, nicknamed the Cones, played exceedingly well. It is great to know that there is so much room for growth individually as players and as a team.

Our morning started with our team meeting up at the Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 and after my coach and I putting up a fight with the people who didn’t want me to board a plane because they said I had to travel with my sponsor. The argument reminded me my dad saying that sometimes you have to step up, fight for what you want and just give it a shot. What have you got to lose? So I kept fighting for my place on that plane, because what is the worst that could happen? I’d go back home? Yes maybe of which would be dreadful as I watch my teammates fly off without me, but if I didn’t fight I’d never know. So I fought for my spot on that plane and thank my lucky stars I eventually got through with my teammates shouting at me to board the plane before it were to leave for Bahrain.

The tournament was grand!!!

Each of our teams played 5 games which included a final match. I scored several shocking tries some of which were full pitch tries and proved myself that with some practise I can achieve some greatness in the way I perform and play. I love a good competition with both easy and tough games. The Dubai Hurricanes A team [the Canes] won the A division slicing Abu Dhabi off the top of our Rugby Union League and the B team [the Cones] just lost to the Dubai Dragons in their final, but kept their heads up high as they fought an amazing battle. All in all the night turned out great.

Regardless of who won or not, everyone managed to have some fun as Dj Ollie enlightened all our spirits with some crazy music from the 90s. Everyone couldn’t stop dancing and drinking and neither could I. I had won Player of the Tournament and was also being video recorded during this tournament to show my prospective university coaches what I was made of. So thank God I put on a good performance. It turned out to be a great day and one of my favourite rugby tournaments.

All teams rushed back to the airport all tipsy yet trying to look sane amongst civilians. Big Fail!!! Some people went to the wrong gate. Half our team were running from one end of the airport to the other, some people managed to buy McDonalds and I don’t know how, but I ended up with some fries in my bag, some people from other teams were conversing with strangers in the airport and I no better…trying to talk Japanese with Koreans even after the said they were Koreans more than thrice. What a crazy night.

We arrived back in Dubai and went straight out to the town as a team. It was a tragic morning filled with worry and stress as we all watched my coach turn 10 years older with one argumentative conversation, but it turned out fantastic making all the fighting worth it.

Now I understand why majority of the players who play rugby in our league say the only reason that they’re still in this country is because of the rugby. It is because of all the crack they have right after the tournament. I learn something new every single training session and every single time I’m with my teammates. I love it!




Win or Lose


Everything you do matters

Win or Lose

What really matters is how one performs.

Every last tackle and ruck counts.

You’re not only doing it for yourself out there,

but you’re doing it for your team.

All it takes is one last push

to determine who the real winner or loser is…

I can say that after playing rugby for over 5 years now and for 3 different teams, it is a sport of which consists of so much power, passion, pride, desire, dedication and determination. When I close my eyes and think about it I picture my teammates and I at the end of our match and I visualize a golden tint to the whole picture. Some of us are smiling, some are laughing wiping the sweat of their faces. Some of them show each other their grazes and others have their shoulders upon each other shoulders.

We know what it feels like to win.

We’ve had 4 major tournaments as a team and approximately a total of 36 or more games as the women’s section of our club. Most of these games are wins.

We know what it feels like to lose.

Our A team lost in the final at a tournament held by the Dubai Wasps. Our first and most dramatic loss I think my teammates and I had experienced. So we know what it feels like to be on a winning streak and yet fall together as a team. That is why when we win we feel it and celebrate it. We commend everyones hard efforts and come together as a team. We show and spread our sportsmanship and love for the sport.

Its never ending.

That golden tint. That photo. Its stuck in my head and I’ll keep it there for the remainder of the season.


A Damaged Silent Woman

Once I’m in bed I cant stop, but wander what it would be like to belt out.


Belt out and shout with such abusive and foul language at someone who has undermined me.

Belt out using all my sustained physical strength maybe against a glass door. Shatter it to pieces without a care in the world.

Belt out in any possible way to relinquish all horrible feelings. Relinquish thoughts I keep within my body and mind when someone has done me wrong or a bad situation has risen.

I feel like the more that I am in this field of work the more my goodness deteriorates. I can fight this all. I could fight all the evil, but imagine how difficult it is to do so when you deal with work every single day. Its a different day, maybe a different person, yet most likely the same situation. Just imagine. You spend most of your days (day and/or night) just working.

When I get angry I stay quiet. I walk away. I keep to myself and I tell myself to remain patient. I do worry that someday I may meet the person who may decipher my code and break through the cages of my inner beast. I do worry about the day that I may break that glass door. The day I may use foul language against someone to undermine them as they’ve done to me.

I’m angry all the time, sad all the time, depressed most of the time, sometimes happy.

Moreover, I worry. I know that I will hurt someone, same as all the others have hurt me. If so, my actions and the feelings I may have in the end I assure you would be nothing to be proud of.

A Good Idea


Maybe this was a bad idea

Maybe it was a good idea
Keeping God within my heart as I see his creations

Reminds me that im not alone

He can hear my pain

And he will be the one to help me find happiness within a place where I believe it is most difficult to find.


A heart so strong that it is willing to withstand sheer winds of pain. Pain in order to find oneself left standing taller than others when at their weakest. Being humble with a wonderful and gradual representation of the true qualities of a hero.  


They told me that the first place I would visit would either steal my heart away or completely push me to never visit again. 

Casablanca, Morocco

I had the pleasure of engulfing myself within its rich and beautiful culture. A huge base of an African-Arab life with a flare of french and spanish features seen within some of its architecture and cafes. It sure did steal my heart away.


An Eid morning…

You wake up before the sunrise with the air being more fresh than usual.

There is a sense of clarity within the atmosphere of how one would envisage their lives to be full of love and happiness. 

Eid Mornings are simply gorgeous.