Win or Lose


Everything you do matters

Win or Lose

What really matters is how one performs.

Every last tackle and ruck counts.

You’re not only doing it for yourself out there,

but you’re doing it for your team.

All it takes is one last push

to determine who the real winner or loser is…

I can say that after playing rugby for over 5 years now and for 3 different teams, it is a sport of which consists of so much power, passion, pride, desire, dedication and determination. When I close my eyes and think about it I picture my teammates and I at the end of our match and I visualize a golden tint to the whole picture. Some of us are smiling, some are laughing wiping the sweat of their faces. Some of them show each other their grazes and others have their shoulders upon each other shoulders.

We know what it feels like to win.

We’ve had 4 major tournaments as a team and approximately a total of 36 or more games as the women’s section of our club. Most of these games are wins.

We know what it feels like to lose.

Our A team lost in the final at a tournament held by the Dubai Wasps. Our first and most dramatic loss I think my teammates and I had experienced. So we know what it feels like to be on a winning streak and yet fall together as a team. That is why when we win we feel it and celebrate it. We commend everyones hard efforts and come together as a team. We show and spread our sportsmanship and love for the sport.

Its never ending.

That golden tint. That photo. Its stuck in my head and I’ll keep it there for the remainder of the season.



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