New.Job: Arising.Challenges

Challenges are always arising everyday with my job.

Some challenges are not so 3_of_the_Biggest_Challenges_Facing_Financial_Executives_Todayhard to complete but others make me feel so fearful of disrupting the service i have to provide that it gives me crazy nerves the day before i have to go in to work. I get so nervous and shaky sometimes that I literally have to mentally talk to myself and say,

‘Its okay to be afraid, but I shouldn’t start thinking and coming up with excuses to get me out of what I may have to do. I should just go through with it. If I fail then so be it I fail, but I will learn from all the mistakes I have done and will do better tomorrow. If I succeed then so be it I will improve on what I have just done and become not only faster, but smarter as an employee.’

In the long run I know and understand that all these challenges will make me stronger as a person or so I feel. The customer profile I have to deal with everyday is so diverse and so its good a thing. It will allow and remind me to be more culturally aware and be able to handle anything that may come my way in regards to my customers, decision making and output at work.

If only I did not have to be so afraid. But i tell you that when my job is over and I get home to my bed…I am the happiest person. I just lay down and putting everything and all my worries behind me and await for a new day and challenge to arise.


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