I remember the very first post I wrote on my blog. It was pretty much about my background and what I wanted to do in life. I also remember me mentioning in my following post how I just wanted to get out and away and do my own thing without being tied down by my family.Its amazing how things work sometimes.IMG_7255

I got exactly what I wanted, but not the way I imagined I would get it. I am now happy to say that my wish has come true and I am not taking it for granted. I have moved abroad solo and I am now learning how to survive on my very own. I may be a 45 min flight away from my family, but it is still different and very life changing for me. I am in love with my new job so far. I have only been going through training, but I will be graduating tomorrow and go about doing my own thing at work. All the hard work has made everything worth it. I’ve already had to learn things the hard way,but its all a matter of how I choose to take in all that I have endured. Negatives and positives are every where. I don’t think we can live in a world where everything is positive and vice versa not that it would be so horrible to live in a world of which is full of positive things, but taking in the negatives is not only what makes us mentally stronger, but it helps us grow to be the best that we can be if we choose it and one day I hope to just move up in the ranks. I don’t have my dream job yet, but I can say that I am on my way there and I am actually probably on the right track.

So, taking things step by step responsibly is key here. As of tomorrow I will be a qualified employee in a field related to Meteorology Aviation. Now its time to close my books for a while and go out, make new friends and just have fun. Tonight is gonna be a good night.


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