I remember when I was in my Year 7 history class and my teacher had asked why the subject History was important. Many classmates voiced their answers, but the main one that everyone agreed upon was that learning about History is important so that we don’t have to repeat the mistakes of which people including our past leaders have made.

Now I can’t stress on how strongly I agree with that answer, but what I am about to share with you all is a Ted Talk video I watched on how scientist in the past made discoveries and inventions based on a small thought they conceived of which they pursued upon to discover what it is they wanted to know or discover.

I really enjoyed watching this video because today…well today things are very different from how things and people were centuries ago. Today when we have a thought that comes to mind most of us don’t take the initiative or have the interest to find out more about what it is that we are thinking about when we really should. We are all so capable of doing sooooooooo much with ourselves. We have a brain that allows us to remember facts. Amazing things of which we have no idea about, but may have stumbled across with only a thought that came to our mind. I find it kind of sad as to how I, myself, am only waking up now.

I remember when I was kid and I was walking down a pathway and I would step on the leaves that had fallen off the trees above me during Fall. Some leaves were yellow and some were brown, but they weren’t green like how normal leaves should look like. I remember wondering why are these leaves not green? It was only until I learnt about plants in science class that I had learnt that leaves tend to loose their chlorophyll, which allows it to stay green. I could have gone in to much more detail about it…if only I were truly interested in plants at that time. Then I had another thought….why do they break and crumble when I step on them. I eventually learnt that when a leaf has been detached from its plant or tree, it doesn’t receive the moisture and water it needs through its veins to survive, hence why it crumbles and breaks easily, but I could have gone in to more detail about it. For instance, I could have tried to find out how much moisture a plant actually needs in order for it to stay in its natural state and many more things and details as such, but I didn’t do that. Yes I am not crazy interested in plants, but if you’re thinking about whatever it is that you’re thinking about why not take a step forward and try to read about it. Especially if you’ve had that very same thought more than once.

We now have so many resources that can help us find out what we need and I feel like we should take advantage of it and our capability to learn much more than we already know. However, you could say that were all scientists in our very own way, discovering things day by day as life goes by and actually taking interest in things that interest us. We do need to take more initiative to learn about things outside our very own bubble. 

I have a best pal who wants to be an Ethnomusicologist. She is so passionate about music and how it has shaped all sorts of cultures around the world. I know nothing about what she talks about most of the time, not because I’m not interested, but because I never took the initiative to step outside my own bubble of what I myself am passionate about to look in to what it is that she is interested in for my very own knowledge. The more we feed ourselves with information and facts the more knowledge we acquire about the world we live in.


This is a great example of how someone learnt about something and took the initiative to learn more about it…


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