2 weeks.

That is how long my break was. My break from work, my break from sports, my break from my life. Let me re-phrase that. My break from everything I normally do. It was the greatest and most eye opening 14 days of my life. There was not a day where I found myself sad and miserable which tends to happy nearly every other day. 

I like to think that the main reason as to why was because I was surrounded by people who were like me. Something we had in common…something everyone has in common are the struggles we endure everyday. Everyone was going through a lot of which seemed like it was more than they could handle, but watching the people I was surrounded by, the way they handled their problems and issues with a smile I believe made me more healthier as a person spiritually and mentally. Probably not physically as I had gained weight after those 2 weeks with the amount of food I had consumed. 

Prayer was the key for them. I will admit that prayer was inconsistently my first option to turn to when things just didn’t go my way. I won’t say that they were obsessive with their prayers…they weren’t but they way they prayed…the things they said had so much meaning, hope and strength behind it. They felt as though if they talked to God then God would answer their prayers. They realistically knew that God would not always answer all their prayers, but they had so much faith in God that they knew that within God is where their true strength to endure all that they were taking in would help them through their day, weeks to come and months. 

I pray a lot myself. I prayed with them. And I enjoyed it so much that I found myself reading a lot more about God and my religion in my spare time. Now that is something I honestly never really used to do often. 

Looking to God always makes me feel better. 

I had a great time with friends and family friends going out, staying indoors, hanging around doing whatever and exploring new things that it made me wake up and realize that the life I have now is so special that no one, but God can take it away from me or at least has to right to. I really should start enjoying everyday I get learning about new things, doing productive and interesting things rather than just spending my free days in bed all day. Life is beautiful…even if it throws pies in your face or if it constantly puts rain clouds over your head, because if God wills it there will be a better tomorrow. Just hope, because I realized that having hope combined with faith is better than being pessimistic for the remainder of the day. I would rather go to bed happy knowing that I’ve accomplished something than go to bed feeling miserable about something that had happened. Reality is reality. It can suck or it can suck azz, but you can make it better than what it is now. Just think about it. Keep thinking.

I get so tired and hopeless sometimes, but theres always something I manage to tell myself even if I’ve got tears coming down my face. I want to see where I will end up. It is true. I tell myself that a lot. I do want to be a better person at the way I live my life. Overcome what is in front of me whether it be obstacles including people and most importantly stay humble and have the final product result with me having a big fat smile on my face. 

I want to see where I will end up. 



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