Everyone I know has been going through a tough time. Regardless of the messy situation we may all individually be in our faith in God is what will help us surpass and probably even deal with the issue a little better. For some of you it may make a significantly change your life or it may make you find the positives that you NEED to find within the negatives.

Praying has helped me in many ways. All different. When I am extremely scared or angry I look to God and I automatically feel…better. Its strange, but it works for me.

I found an article on the net and thought I would share its points it put out there for all you readers.


These steps will help you  increase your TRUST in God and to bring prayer into focus.

  • T – Thanks
    Thank God for the things He has done in your past. Go back as far as you need to.Begin to chart His track record in your life. Ask Him to remind you of times past when He was there for you. Then find something in your life today to be grateful for. Living thankfully is God’s will for your life.


  • R – Repent
    Say you are sorry to God for intentionally allowing things in your heart and your life that you know would disappoint Him. Having a rebellious heart toward God’s ways in one area of your life can cause your prayers to hit the ceiling in other areas. Take an inward look and ask for God’s help in changing attitudes, thoughts, motives and actions that need a correction.


  • U –  Unify
    Unify broken relationships. Whether you have offended someone or have been offended, God leaves the ball in your park to seek restoration. If restoration isn’t possible give God the broken pieces and ask Him to root resentment out of your heart. Bringing peace to fractured relationships brings blessing.


  • S – Share
    Share the journey. When times are tough and trust wears thin, find a friend to pray with you and for you. Tell someone your struggle and ask her to walk with you awhile on the road of life. Getting help in our weakness leads to healing and to power in praying.


  • T – Take time
    Take time to spend with God. Till up the ground that has become hard from the worries of life. Learn to spend time in the presence of God and find refreshing beyond what you can imagine.

– See more at: http://theprayingwoman.com/2014/08/10/5-steps-to-trusting-god-when-life-is-hard-2/#sthash.iPIU1oB4.dpuf

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