When you push all those godforsaken negative people away your vision becomes clear. Everything around you is more beautiful and brighter than ever before. You appreciate the things around you, life, as well as yourself. You think you are beautiful and you feel good in your own skin.

I’ve never let people with negative comments get to me. The only thing I dislike is people who have got nothing nice to say. I’m not talking about constructive¬†criticism. That is completely different. I’m on about people that just bring you down either to make themselves feel better or to purposefully make you feel like you are no good. You’re fat, you’re too skinny, you’re this and that! Why? I feel like they’re just wasting their own time talking to you. There have been times where I literally just walk away from people of whom just have way too much to say. It actually makes me laugh sometimes. Why should I be around someone like that? And why does everything have to be the way you like it? Nope nope nope. I’m not having it.

In the end its all about you and how you feel. If you want something and that mean persons bringing you down and getting in the way of your goals then you need to prioritise and tell that person to kindly STEP ASIDE. No need for drama. Its just that simple. Its simple to cut people out of your life as it is to bring people in. Not everyone needs to be given an explanation…just DO. If someone makes you feel fat maybe because you are..then that doesnt matter you turn around and tell them to step aside…what matters is how you feel and what you want to do about it. Are you fat? Do you want to do something about it. Then take charge. Take the reins in your life and don’t let no one take your ropes and shake them and steer you off a cliff.


People tell me that I have a big nose. Some say its weirdly shaped. Other say I have a big mouth and from that projects a very loud laugh. Others say my eyes are wonky…Yes I have a lazy left eye or is it right? Some say I’m fat some say I have too much muscle for a girl. People ask me questions about my life, my family, my father. My life and university. TBH its all a big blurr. I either respond with a weird face, or sometimes I don’t respond at all and sometimes I simply just say well….I like my nose or I think I’m pretty darn fine thanks with a smile on my face and sometimes I say hey life is tough but hey I’m rollin’ and giggle. There is no need for details, no need for explanations.

Take charge of your life. You have that power.


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