Ok so I am currently at work on a Saturday which is not normal for me. No patients have come in and I am evidently bored. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been trying to take better care of myself for a new job that I will be getting. Whilst trying to do so I realized that I have been putting myself in a dungeon full of cob webs. My skins actually in the worst condition ever and my hair ohhh where do I start.

Since I was bored today, I decided to learn more about how to take care of my hair texture. My hair is really kinky and breaks easily so I was trying to find some tutorials on that. I found a video on how to do your eyebrows and I saw another one on how to do…I call it ‘Pharoah Eyes’ with your mascara nicely andddddd VOILAAAA

20140628_142715.jpgFRRRRSo my eyebrows aren’t even done. I don’t go to a salon to do them anymore. I stopped doing that nearly 2 years ago now and I just use tweezers now. I’ve lost those sooooo yeap. Good Job Sef! and now they’re actually in the worst state that they’ve probably ever been in. After watching the tutorial though and following whatever they said I can say that my eyebrows look more tame. As for the Pharaoh Eyes…that is the first time I’ve ever gotten those right and it took me nearly 10 minutes of my time to do woooo.

Enjoy the video


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