When I feel down and so low in my thoughts I seclude myself and embed myself in movies and TV shows. I don’t succumb to food like most people generally do, but I just watch movies all day all night.

I’m a bit of a sucker for musicals. The old fashioned ones. Amongst my favorite are Gene Kelly’s productions. I would watch them 15 times just because I enjoyed them that much and then another 10 times when I would be depressed. Recently its been romantic movies and rom coms from all eras.

I’ve been watching:


‘Say Anything’


Now I know what people were on about when Lloyd [John Cusack] held his stereo outside Diane Court’s [Ione Skye] house.

I don’t think you can call her Diane. I believe her full name sounds more right than her first. Watching this very scene with him holding his stereo wasn’t cliche at all. I didn’t expect him to do something like that. In fact I thought it was adorable although it did make me feel like I may be forever alone. It is a silly thought, but it just seems like something that would not happen these days. I believe that is what made that scene special and so iconic for all you romantic movie fans. Especially considering the fact that hes done that right outside her house on her front lawn. My dad would think my boyfriend were crazy for doing something like that hahaa.


‘His Girl Friday’


The classic, ‘we didn’t work out  and now he/she is moving on and now I’m jealous’ situation. First off, its a black and white movie. I normally don’t watch black and white movies. I can only recall watching two, ‘How to kill a mockingbird’ a beautiful classic and ‘Sands of Iwo Jima’ A war movie [my favorite genre] about the war that took place in Iwo Jima during World War II. Anyways, I watched this movies and I enjoyed it.

I have never seen two characters in a movie of whom were more perfect for one another. They talk the same, their humors the same, they act the same.The moment I saw both of them in the same room I had this movie all figured out. I knew what Walter [Cary Grant] was aiming to do. As to how he did it was hilarious. I never expected him to go through with all that he did. [Not spoiling this for those of you who have not seen it].

I think this is such a common situation that most couples of whom have broken up hope for. Well…couples that secretly still love each other that is. Secret. Thats all everything was…A Secret. Rather than most couples being completely honest with one another after their break ups they try to find ways to make each other jealous by SHOWING that they’re moving on or simply making life difficult for the ex. Rather than going through all that trouble they might as well tell the truth, but hey wheres the fun in that? There certainly would’ve been no humor in this movie if they had just gone and told the truth about how they felt for one another…then again the truth is always hard to say…isn’t it?

These type of movies always spark hope in my life with my previous crush showing up or creating some chaos just to show that he actually still cares….then again I do live in my very own Wonderland haha.

‘Made of Honor’


Ohhhhh how I love this movie. I loved everything about it. Yes, another cliche chic flic BUT it was so cute and well shot. I love this Lovey dovey best friend situation. Its my favorite and its the hardest one to go by. I think telling your closest friend that you love/like him/her  is more nerve wrecking and scary than telling some randomer of whom you’ve been spending your special time with. Why? Because he/she is your best friend. You never want to ruin the sanctity of your relationship with that person. This is a 50-50 situation right here.

I loved how straight-forward Thomas [Patrick Dempsey] was when eventually telling her that he loved her. Its hard enough just getting the words to come out in a simple formed sentence. An applause for you Thomas…and for taking several punches in the process hahaa.

I love watching movies. On to action now. I’m done being a big sop over my rubbish love life. Time to focus on other important things. I actually love myself enough to stop this nonsense haha. I will live life and if love comes my way then so be it.


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