Hmm might be time for a new pair though :/

My boots have not been hung up just yet.

I never really hang my boots up actually. During the summer I tend to go about and use nearby pitches to do some running/sprints…mostly sprints to maintain or improve my speed, also because I hate running that consists of more than 3 mins, but when I do so I like wearing my boots and not my trainers. Sounds crazy, but I’ve actually got this paranoia where I feel like if I do wear trainers and sprint like I normally do on grass I will slip. I hate slipping on grass although it makes for a good laugh.

But this time is different. I have been doing touch rugby randomly…not consistently for the past 2 years now. I do so because I genuinely don’t feel that much passion for it than I do with rugby union.

For those of you who don’t know the difference, touch rugby does not consist of any tackling. You simply have to touch the player with either two hands or one depending on the tournament rules to stop the opposition from gaining field possession…pretty much. Actually if you tackle in touch rugby you get penalized for it, however rugby union consists of tackles and breakdowns which make the game slower in comparison to touch rugby. So union is my sport, but recently touch rugby has developed drastically out in this region. Its being played in schools now and at rugby clubs around the UAE.

Touch trials have been held for the past couple of weeks to help get teams out to compete in tournaments within the UAE and abroad with hopes of getting a strong squad out to the Australian Touch Rugby World Cup 2015 which is actually crazy amazing.

I attended all the trials simply to record as it is part of my sports journalist job, but last weekend I succumbed to the longing desire to just grab a rugby ball and play and do drills with a bunch of strangers of whom have amazing rugby skills. I put my boots on and doing those side steps felt good.

I love rugby and I get that crazy twitch when I haven’t played it for the longest time. So having touch rugby occur during the summer is not only a great way for me to get and stay in shape, but for me to just keep playing the sport that I love. Touch in its own is quickly growing on me though as I am wanting to play it all the time and when I do I never really want to stop. Playing a sport of which I don’t know too much about makes it a challenge for me. I have a new challenge now. 🙂

I also realized that Rugby and volleyball are the only sports I play ANDDDDD enjoy watching.

I play Basketball for instance, but I don’t watch a bit of it. I watch a lot of Tennis, but I don’t play much of it at all..although I’d love to.

I’m happy I’m still playing. I’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts.


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