This is my first post about the topic ‘Beauty’.

I recently applied for my first full-time job. I prepared myself and went for the interview and I got it.

One thing they mentioned was how this job would require me committing long hours most likely on my feet which would lead me to be very tired and probably even dehydrated at the end of the day and so I would need to take care of my skin.

All I currently do for my skin is not enough at all. I just wash my face with soap and I barely apply moisturizer on my face since I have an oily texture. I used to apply sun block to protect my skin, but that made my skin even more oily so I stopped. So all in all my face is a mess which gets covered up with foundation for the remainder of the day to hide my spots.

Now ever since the interview I realized that taking care of my skin/face would only be the first step in taking care of my entire self. I would need to re-organize my entire life. I figured having your face be in the top notch condition would take quite a while so I’ve decided to start now.

Firstly, I started watching videos on YouTube to understand why we get pimples and what else it could mean so I watched this. Prevention is better than cure.


Secondly, I watched a video on how to just take care of your skin.

I used to use all sorts of products whilst growing up. I chose them all merely because they looked cool, but understanding your skin is whats most important for you in order to take care of it.

Seize the day and take care of yourself.


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