You can put it off for as long as you want but in the end exercise does matter.

Light or heavy, even a 15 minute intensive workout is better than nothing. It is a step closer to becoming more healthy and one step further away from illnesses.

It is Summer and unlike many it is not my favorite season of the year. Why?

Well for starters rugby season is over. It is the time of year when I am most prone to gain weight rather than maintain or lose it. It gets extremely hot here. I don’t like running, but I still do it to maintain and improve my fitness. However, I definitely can not go running in this country during the summer as it gets unbearable. You sweat as if you’re the one producing the flowing waters of the Nile and it gets uncomfortable. Get naked? Well why don’t I? Because you just can’t go running by the beach in your sports bra and spandex in this country. No big…Treadmill? Yes and that is what I always result to. However, using a treadmill for a whole summer bores the heck out of me within the next following 2 weeks.

Another reason is because everyone travels during the summer and unfortunately I don’t travel as much as I used to. There are no gym/exercise buddies around me at that time and so I roll solo, which makes committing to exercise even harder.

All in all the reasons as to why I hate Summer should not prevent me from exercising as what really matters is your health. Having a good state of mind helps. Some people’s minds are so strong and connected with their body. I think I am far from there, but since I have an idea of what I want to achieve (which is to stay fit and tone my muscles) hopefully my mind and body can work together because I know that if they don’t then this my return to rugby and my other sports will be ever so painful.

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