Shall we just…be happy today?


Or at least try to?

It is frustrating when your day is just not going as planned. In my case that is nearly pretty much the turnout of my everyday.

One can’t help but get frustrated or annoyed when you arrive 2 minutes late to your bus stop and miss your bus or if you’ve had the slide doors at the metro shut in your face. Or if nothing has been going right for a long while, like not hearing from a job of which you applied for, for example.

There are so many things that can easily get one down within ones day.

Try not to let it. Instead try and focus your energy on something positive or something productive that can bring about a positive attitude. It makes you feel less stressed and so much lighter. Like a load has been taken off your shoulder. Look up when you’re walking outside down the street.

There are so many things to be happy about.

Try not to let the bad outweigh the good.

Be Happy.


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