Today I remembered.

I remembered the things that I love doing.

Its been so long. I’ve been so fixed and focused on doing the things that I need to do in order to get by when part of all that comes from the things I love doing. The things that bring a different kind of joy to my life.

As a teenager I remembered doing all sorts of things with me envisioning my future.

I used to love painting and using oil pastels, editing videos especially the random pointless ones that I would record of my friends and plenty more.

Doing all these things occupied my time in a good way, but now Time and unfortunate events has changed me. Not a whole lot, but you know when people say those phrases like stop and smell the roses or stop and look up? Well today I sat down at a computer, learned how to use iMovie on an iMac correctly and I just started editing my videos of which I took on a trip to the zoo. I got so excited whilst doing it. I watched a few other videos to get ideas and tips as to how I could edit my videos. Just doing all that made me happy inside.

I also painted several mugs the other day and put them in the oven so they would remain permanent and doing so made me forget about all the worries that dance around my head everyday. It was nice. I missed it all. Its almost like I am re-finding  myself and the things I love doing. if that is not a real word well then I’ve just made one up. 🙂

Way to take a breath of fresh air.


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