Some people do the craziest things. I’m not really on about the stupid things people do like jumping off roofs with the intention of landing in their pool and all those other crazy videos you watch on youtube. I am talking about the crazy things of which seem crazy to me, because its so different, daring and challenging. I’m talking about big life changing challenges that people put themselves through.

I have a friend who is currently putting himself through an amazing sport event. He intends to row from the eastern coast of Africa to the Caribbean. He pretty much wants to row from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other with a team.

The first word that comes to mind…AMBITIOUS.

It was pretty hard to believe that he set himself forward to do such a challenge only because he doesn’t seem like the type to do something so BIG.

It is a big deal when you really think about it. Well to me it is more than just a WOW impression. Many people have died or failed trying to do such things both in the past and present. The sea can be a monster if it does not favor you.

I asked him why he wanted to do it and he replied saying, “I don’t know. I’m bored at the moment. I’ve left my job and so I thought why not do something new?”

Well then….I actually thought that was a bold move. It was evident that he wasn’t happy with his job and so he did something about it.

So I hope he succeeds and I hope he’s happy.

I wish you luck Ollie 🙂 xx

Below is the link to his and his team’s rowing expedition across the Atlantic.



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