Yesterday a good friend of mine was passionately talking about music as we were on our way home from work listening to the car radio and its annoying repetitive playlists. A brand new song came on by the band Clean Bandit. I had heard of them before as she mentioned them to me earlier last week and how they are a group of Oxford students who make music with a genre mix of classical and house. Her reaction when their song came on was crazy. She was bouncing and screaming. I was too tired to laugh or react because I was just too tired. It was the first time that their song had played on the radio. She could not stop talking about how proud she was of the fact that they had made it on the charts and started talking about how rich in quality their music is or so she thinks.

Whilst she was ranting on about how proud she was, she mentioned how several artists now a days are popular not because of what they create, but because of their image of which they portray, which I partially agreed with. She went on to say how the artists within the group aren’t as attractive in comparison to some of the A list celebrities we know, yet people WOULD still love and appreciate them because of the music they create. The music they create together of which comes from within.

I always like listening to her as she goes on and on and on about music, not just because of the fact that I actually do not know much about the history of several bands or genres of music, but just to hear how passionate she is about it. Plus she is pretty funny.

There are billions of artsy craftsy people, music lovers, video takers etc. out there and I guess sometimes we get so out of focus when we are creating that we sometimes forget that it is really all about why we started creating whatever in the first place..whether it be a song, a poem, a painting etc. …everything else outside that bubble has got nothing to do with what you are creating. Dont think so much…Just create and if you put some heart and love in to it and share it…the public will most likely love and enjoy it as well….


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