Training Camp

6-Rugby-boots-B copy

It is that mental and physical push that will get you to where you need to be regardless of how low on the bar you appear to be or think you are. Everyone is watching you. Your coaches, your manager, your teammates. Your strengths, your weaknesses and your unpredicted mistakes are all put on the table and laid out. The generosity and sportsmanship you are able to offer is measured and credited for. Your reactions to different situations. You have to react on your feet then react once again and play on. Many things we say or do is mentally recorded.

2 different worlds. Sports and life. Forgetting about what is around and what surrounds us everyday and to be able to just focus on what is in front of you is a gift. Maybe thats why I am the athlete I am today. Maybe.

Always on our toes we are. We have to be ready. We have to want it and if we don’t then someone else will take it. We need to know what is at stake even if we may already know what we are in for.

We have to be ready and we will be. No matter how much pain we endure, no matter how much we sweat and bleed. We will be ready.




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