Its the transition…


Its the transition…I love the transition as well as that funky beat that appears from out of no where which melts back in to the rhythm of the whole song. Whether it be drum and bass, RnB, or even classical music I think it sounds so good.

I’ve been listening to A LOT  of drum and bass, I probably havent gotten to the real good stuff yet, but when I listen to it it feeds energy within me and makes me feel pretty darn good. FRESH! I guess thats what music Is supposed to make u feel like…good 🙂
I have a friend who is going through a break up and she has been listening to Celine Dion. She played it for me the other day and man does Celine Dion have such a gorgeous voice, but I looked at her like she was crazy and I asked her how it made her feel and she indoubtedly said ‘sad’
I asked her why she would want to feel even more sad when shes already sad. I think its pretty crazyyy. Not that I’ve never done it before, but i guess you dont realise how ridiculously pointless it is to do so until you’re the one seeing it all on the other side. Maybe she actually feels like being depressed and as a matter of fact some people do that. Some people actually feed ‘Depression’ to themselves by purposefully making themselves feel worse, whether it be by refusing to go out and have fun, because you actually want to be alone…more or less lonely, or by turning to food for comfort or my personal dos…Staying at home all cozied up with a blanket with my AC on 13 degrees Celsius watching Gene Kelly tap away in his musicals. Weird, but sadly true. Thats generally and mentally…not great :/
All in all, Music is supposed to make you feel. Feel whatever. Dont abuse it by using it to make yourself feel worse. There aint no good in feeling worse about something or yourself. Its harmful.
Enjoy music and love it while you still can.
Jump and sing and dance.
Maybe I should do that tonight 😀
Now how did i go from talking about transiion to feelings? Haha

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