I think its okay to walk away sometimes.
I guess it does depend on the situation you’re in. I don’t know if its really favored me but, sometimes walking away is the best answer. That doesn’t mean your situation may be sorted but, you walking away creates that clean space between you and whoever or just some breathing space that may be needed.

For me walking away would be putting down everything and just disappearing…that would be me walking away. Dropping all the issues and all that dependency and surprisingly at a time like this it sounds extremely tempting.

I definitely know that anyone going through a great load of rubbish may want to do the same.

A float away or drift away boat…that would be the one boat I wouldn’t mind getting on even though considering the fact that I’m no fan of boats at all.

Thing is once you walk away would you be really happy? Like looking back always brings about those feelings in my case those feelings of me actually missing a whole lot.

Its like quitting something you love like sports for instance and then you watch it live and you get that agonising itch to play.

I think that is what I would feel like.

Life doesn’t have a manual book. You can pretty much do what ever the heck you want but, walking away… As tempting as it sounds I strongly feel as though there is something better on the other side. I know that it will take me a while to get there, but the idea pf finding it might actually be of a better result than walking away. Maybe I could truly be happy.

Maybe I could truly be happy.


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