floating ribbons

Floating Ribbons

I’m thinking about how time works in amazing fortunate/unfortunate mysterious ways.

I’m thinking about how life gave us no plan until we decided to take that first step ourselves.

In return, it has taught us about emotions, love, capabilities and love. Love for many things.


Love has taught me that it is an identity in all of its own with its own rules and consequences.


It cannot be found when it does not want to be found, seen, touched or heard.

It cannot be forced upon

It cannot be broken until it wants to be

It cannot be ceased unless it is willing to be ceased


It can be followed and influenced upon

It can strike a blow like thundered lightning bolt

It can be as cold as ice rolling down on your spine

Or warm just all the warmth u can imagine

Love itself has its own stopwatch

Going on relentlessly through years or stopping abruptly after several weeks.


Its different, a variety

And we are a variable it chooses to call x


Putting us in its unknown and incomprehensible equations.


Love is unfathomable, insatiable, horrible.

It bites when you try to hard

And kisses you when you don’t.


I’m thinking about love and how within my heart it has decided to change its course and destination. I know that it will come back, but maybe not as soon as I desire or maybe sooner than soon, but when it chooses me as it’s variable I will once again be love struck.

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