Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day Killer

Yes I am the broken hearted and the singlette who generally does not like Valentines Day.

[Keep in mind, if I were taken right now I probably would not be saying those words.]

It is a day that comes knocking when the 1st day of February hits. It is like a serial killer creeping up the stairs on its tip toes getting ready to grab your leg whilst you hide under the bed.

Sounds a bit dramatic, but when your valentines day is the same every single year and feels like it is getting worse as you age each year does get as dramatic.

Valentines Day is just another random day which reminds lovers of how deeply in love they may be and us singles how lonely we might be the day after and the day after that.

Yes I will keep my head up high, stand strong and just be patient, but my mind shall linger hesitantly as this god forsaken day arrives.

I do wish all those who have plans for valentines Day a lovely and admirable one, and I wish all you single…beings…the best of luck.

Life goes on I guess. There is always something to look forward to.


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