Ever since I got my new job and have been off rugby training for the past week and a half I have given myself a new title.

‘Binger of the Planet’

I work in a building on the 2nd floor and on the ground level there are a number of shops along the strip. Near me is the lovely KFC and Hardees. Further down north is the Burger King which is one of my favourites, because I can get a simple cheeseburger meal and a cone ice cream if I’m not that hungry, yet want to binge during break hours. However further south, which is a further walking distance in comparison to Burger king up north, are Baskin Robbins [my favourite ice cream franchise], Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Doughnuts, Pizza Hut and other deliciously, aromatic, appetizing meals I could possibly withhold within the palm of my hands, if I were keen on walking a few blocks after a tiring day at work.

I manage to buy Kit Kat Chunkies before going to work and after. When at home I walk to the shop to get ‘several’ vanilla cone ice creams and other junk. You get the idea. Before, I would just think of it as having a snack, but now that it has become too frequent and now that I am not doing any exercise I wouldn’t be shocked if I ended up looking like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers. ..Ok a bit of an exaggeration there.


Now that I am recovering from and injured hamstring and I’m returning back to training I can honestly say that I am sweating bullets, worried about my fitness and if my stomach can cope with all the bloating I have disappointingly been getting.


Here is some fun I found…

Can you guess which candy/sweet is which 🙂







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