I read this post a couple days ago regarding life and what God expects of us, hence why he put us on this planet Earth.

It reminded me of a great number of things we tend to forget as we go about our daily lives.

We are all God’s children, all 6 billion+ of us.

We are all different yet unite with our similarities.

We are all humans and deserve to be treated as so with respect.

Gods wonders are all around us through the colours he portrays through animals, plants, landscapes and us humans.

We all are special and deserve to feel as so.

We should all love ourselves as God does whether good or bad.

And we should all try to follow our destiny. If you are not, think about the true purpose of your life and why you live and breathe every day.


All these posts on WordPress remind me of how our world is so magical and miraculous, endlessly growing letting us humans know that life goes on and that it should be ‘full of rainbows’

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