I thought that ‘Million Dollar Baby’ was an additional inspiring movie added to my list. Watching someone rise from the very bottom to the top is always an interesting, motivational and eventful story to watch or hear about. It is one thing to continue on training when you are aware of how badly a skilled athlete you are, but to be able to continue on with your training whilst being in a discouraging atmosphere showed Maggie’s mere determination to be successful at what she loved doing. I love people with a strong mind and heart. They are truly inspiring and memorable. No matter how hard they fall they always find a way to get back up.


To Maggie it was not always about the fame and the money. To her it was all about boxing, fighting her way through life. We all have our own battles to fight and she fought hers. Conflicts between her family never stopped her from doing what she loved and what she thought was right.



I truly admired Maggie’s persistence and desire to do what she loved. Even though Frankie was the least bit interested in training her she tried not to take it to heart, but instead she put her stubborn cap on and went for what she knew she wanted to do. I can relate this to how I started playing rugby in Dubai. Living in Sharjah sometimes makes it hard for me to attend important training sessions in Dubai. I had to refuse the offer of playing international rugby twice before I decided to put my foot down, stubbornly trying to convince my parents that rugby was just as important as some of the things that were going on in my life. Having done so for a couple months I finally managed to find the means to join the National UAE team and continue playing the sport that I love. Good things never come easy. I have learned that it is not only about going for it, but fighting for it is what truly matters. Watching Maggie in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ made me visualize that sometimes the things that you want in life of which you feel are important to you are always worth fighting for no matter how low you fall or how high you get. Fight for what you want and the visage of your dreams become much more real and vivid.


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