Life…is life.

Everyone on this planet lives and breathes the same air. We all have our daily lives to handle which sometimes accompany us with our daily troubles.

My life has been fluctuating recently. Up and down. Round and round. It has been doing so so much that when good happens I react normally and I show my gratitude and thanks, but when bad happens, I become almost plain. Unclear and unresponsive. I feel like a robot, an emotion-less freak. The one who can’t cry, the one who can’t frown. I feel like a clown. Fake and painted upon.

Like several other 6 billion people in the world I have been going through some family difficulties. Nothing that could never be resolved, but it has just been tough. I always stay optimistic though, because that’s key. Without a little hope and faith some of the people we know as well as ourselves would not be where we are today.

I have been finding myself in a daze lately. Nearly at all hours of the day. Daydreaming about many things. Good things. Sometimes even fantasizing. But when I feel pale, when I daydream looking down at my feet, when I can’t even hear myself breathe people ask me what is wrong and I bluntly have nothing to say.

My pal, Tom is not truly aware of what I am going through, but for someone who has known me for only a couple months, he reads me pretty well. He vaguely understands what is going on with me and around me to a certain extent. He asked me, ‘How do you keep calm though?’ And I just replied saying, ‘Why worry?’ He looked at me blankly expecting me to elaborate, so I continued on saying, ‘There is no point in worrying. If you want to resolve something that is bothering you then you take action. Worrying is a waste of time. The more you worry the more stressed out you become and I personally don’t have time to stress out. It’s not healthy.”  He answered back saying, ‘I get you Steph’ as he took a great big chopper bite out of his burger. I realized that I haven’t been so verbally honest with someone as well as myself in a very long time. That was the first time I opened my mouth and said something related to how I truly felt. My response flew out my mouth so automatically that when I found myself, it was too late to stop.

Why Worry? Rather than tearing up about a bad situation, having whatever is going on and bothering you be the main centre of your thoughts…let it go. ‘SHIT HAPPENS’ and it is true. The only way you can deal with things is by using that ‘one step at a time’ method.

Don’t want to end up like this guy :S YIKES


Where there is good, there is bad. It is inevitable. One important thing that many people seem to lack view of is that some good can be found in bad and just think…someone out there in the world has it worse than you. Those are the 2 main things I have been focusing my thoughts on. Those are 2 thoughts I have been living on. Those are the thoughts that shall keep me going.

I am ok

We are ok

I will be ok

Everything and everyone shall be ok

It is just a matter of time so don’t worry.


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