P.O.T.D¬27: ‘The Robe’

10th September 2012

I have been hooked!


All of a sudden I’ve gotten this crazy interest for watching movies that were made decades ago. Preferably around the 40s to the 70s, and I have to honestly admit that some of them are amazingly good. When you think about it some of their content is so much more worth watching than the movies we watch today.

Today I started watching ‘The Robe’ and I found it to be rather biblical.

It tells the story of a Roman military officer who commands the unit that crucified Jesus. You’d think that it would have caused quite a stir, but by the sounds of it … it didn’t.

It became a blockbuster.

All the more reason to watch it.




4 thoughts on “P.O.T.D¬27: ‘The Robe’

  1. I love old movies too. I recommend “The Barefoot Contessa”, starring Ava Gardner, and “Brief Encounter”. A more recent one I would recommend is “The Duellists” with Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine.

  2. You may have already seen Witness For The Prosecution (1957; amazing cast), but if not, it definitely stands the test of time. Especially the ending. And what an ending it is. Really enjoying your blog!

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