P.O.T.D.¬22: ‘Beyond Limits’

5th September 2012

I have latterly been going on 3km runs hoping I will get fit in time for my national rugby squad selections. I live near a beach and the whole beach strip is 3km long. Firstly, its been a battle for me to walk all the way to the beach and run up the beach and then down it then walk back home. Everytime I attempt to do so I always end up on the beach passing out [which I am not very proud of x)] BUT my health and my fitness has always always always been a major priority in my life.


I made a tricky plan. I decided to walk all the way to the beach from my house, walk up the beach and then run the 3km all the way down the beach. Walking all the way up the beach gave me no choice but to run back down it in order to get back home.

It is kind of sad that I didn’t have that will or drive to go and get fit this whole summer, but once I completed that 3km run and beat my last time a huge part of me changed and became more motivated and excited for more accomplishments.

Now that summer is over and I have to take my national rugby seriously my whole mentality of getting fit when I am not at training will have to change.

I took this photo right before I started running.

I will go beyond my limits

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