This evening I stepped out of work just to get a breather. I’ve been sick and restless recently and I just needed some fresh air.

At one point I just stood where I was standing and looked up. Its a full moon tonight and I looked even longer at the moon and I could see its dark grey patches. The more I looked the more it seemed to shine. It almost looked like it had its own aura of light and it made my mouth open as I kept staring in awe.

The first thought that came in my head was ‘ If a rocket were to go out to the moon right now from lets say the Usa or Russia…just anywhere else but the country I were standing in…would I be able to see it as it were reaching the moon? And then I thought ‘well depends on which side it wants to land on the moon’ but then I shook my head and thought myself ridiculous.

I was going to walk back in the building, but then I stopped and looked at the moon again and it reminded me of how man is so capable of doing all that percieves to be impossible. It clearly reminded me of how young I still am and how I have a long way to go…its just my ambitious mind that sometimes gets my hopes a little too high sometimes. But it just made me feel okay and better. Made my shoulders feel less tense and I slowly breathed in and out whilst continously staring at the moon.


I can do anything I put my mind to and it will take time, but if I truly believe in myself…I can do anything!!!


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