S.O.T.W ¬Week 34

YAYY these particular posts always get me hyped.

I have been thinking about the top 3 songs to post for the past few days now and this is what I have resulted to:

1. Alright Right Now by Perry Mistique

– Along with most genres of music I too am very keen on rap!!! I started listening to Perry Mistique 3 weeks ago and havent been able to get this song out of my head.

2. Watch the Sun Come Up by Example

-Example I reckon will always be one of my favorite rappers/singers because I think he is just different in his very own way and I admire that! But when I hear this song it realllllllllyy reminds me of a special someone for some weird reason, but it makes me happy. And theres music doin’ ya some justice 🙂

3. P.S. I Love You from the movie itself.

-This soundtrack is simply beautiful, memorable and it really gets me thinking, but in a very positive way. It makes me feel like trying to make things that appear in my life right now just right. This song makes everything seem so worthwhile. Especially Love.



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