P.O.T.D. ¬8: ‘Moods’

22nd August 2012

This is the picture I have taken for today’s photo of the day.

Think about the mood of this picture.

I chose this picture because it reflected the perfect mood I was in today…which is unclear to me actually.

Today I said another goodbye [or in happier terms a ‘cya later’ type of goodbye] to a best friend.

It is always a reminder that there is only one way to go…

and that is forward.

And as we all move forward we all undergo changes in our lives. Some which are adaptable and others of which are hard to handle.


2 thoughts on “P.O.T.D. ¬8: ‘Moods’

  1. Really like this picture! It looks almost like a painting and its very beautiful! 🙂
    I’m trying very hard to always look forwards and not to dwell on the past so enjoyed reading your post 🙂

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