Over the past few years of playing sports I have learnt a lot and I mean A LOT of things!!!

How to treat others with respect as well as yourself for example.

But as a competitive athlete I have learnt that SHORT TERM MEMORY is key when IN competition.


Forget all the loses and the wins you have created whether individually or with a team, because every game and competition is a new chance to move forward in the rankings. To some extent it doesn’t matter how well you won your previous game or how badly you performed in the last, but what matters is how you perform today. That is why creating that short-term memory loss for yourself is pretty good sometimes when in competition. It enables you to forget on all the negatives and focus on whats going on around you and mentally concentrate on the positives and what you have to do to succeed!

I guess purposefully forcing yourself to have a short-term memory is not too much of a bad thing after all.


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