Life can be so sweet yet so cruel to you.

It can take away someone you hate or dislike. Sweet.


It can take away someone you love. Cruel


If lucky, it could place you and the people you love at such a comfortable state. Sweet.


Unfortunately if unlucky, it could place you and the people you love through such agonising times.

There are so many people of whom I have met who have gone through much more than I could ever imagine, yet those events do not affect the way they live their tomorrow. Those are the people I admire most. Some of them actually act as if nothing has happened and manage to put a smile on their face everyday.

My cousin told me a story about a friend and colleague of his. Both of his parents passed away on the very same day and he had to fly back home to attend their funeral, but when he came back he acted as though nothing had happened resulting with him living and working everyday with a smile on his face. My cousin asked, “how are you so happy? Both your parents passed away at the same time” and he replied saying, “Yea, but you can’t keep living life being depressed. Yes my parents passed away and I was upset, but then death is inevitable. It is bound to happen and when it does you just got to realise that everyday is a new day and a new opportunity. You’ve just got to live life.”

Now when I heard what he had said I was truly amazed, because it is so easy to jut let darkness overcome you when something so grieving like that has happened. It is obvious that there will be times when he thinks about his parents with a frown on his face, but for him to have that crazy inner strength to live everyday with a smile on his face, thinking like that and just being happy is what I know and believe will truly and inevitably let him be happy. He is a fighter.

When I meet inspiring people like that then meet people who have troubles as similar, but go about dealing with it completely different, as in they let their grief, anger and unhappiness overcome them, I can not help but not only feel sorry for them for the things that they have lost may seem like their all, but wonder what kind of life are they truly seeking for.

Are they seeking for a life full of happiness or sorrow?

I know ‘enough’ people who live their life in anger, letting down chances and opportunities that come their way. A chance to be happy again and not just happy, for happiness can mean a lot of different things to someone, but they let it go, because some of them are either afraid to love again and open themselves up, because some of them are not up for putting their pride aside when they are truly in need of help etc. To me, sometimes it is understandable, but then again it is quite inhumane and just silly. We are all humans. We’re a race and I believe that we were made for a lot of reasons, but one reason is to keep living life to our utmost ability till our time comes.

Life gives us a lot of things. As it goes on it gives us the ability to feel and feel different things depending on the kind of life we live. But who would not want to be happy? Being happy is one of the greatest things anyone could feel. With love, there is happiness. With generosity, there is happiness. With security,there is happiness.

Now it is obvious that happiness can come a long way, but it does not mean you could never be happy. I also believe that it is all about trying. When you try to live your life optimistically it does affect the people around you. My friends who live their life in anger or sadness will never get enough happiness from me. I am a happy and grateful person and I understand that this happiness could be taken away from me at any moment and as a matter of fact it has been several times before, but I wont let it affect the way I live tomorrow for my past does not define me. And I entrust that to my friends who seek for happiness. A chance to be happy. I believe everyone on this planet deserves to be happy, but it truly makes a difference when you try to make someone happy. Truly does.

So life can be really cruel, yet when it is and when you eventually choose to fight and get out of that bottomless pit full of darkness, you realise that sometimes Life gives you so much more in return. Strength, pride, love, happiness and all the other things you could think of. You and I then look back and think it was all worth the fight with no regrets. All it takes is that willingness of you wanting your life to be changed.

Its funny, because now that I have gone through the numerous of horrible situations I have latterly gone through, I really open my eyes and see that everything does happen for a reason, whether good or bad, or whether you like it or not. But that is Life. But then in the end you eventually realise that nothing lasts forever and even so everything will be alright.



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