I am still growing up and I am still getting the hang of handling tough situations fairly and making difficult decisions. Recently I have had to make some very hard decisions. Some to do with family, friends and academics.

When it comes to friendship I realised that there are going to be some decisions that you chose to make of which may really effect others around you, however you feel very strong about and which you positively feel is right for yourself. In my case I had to make a decision like that yesterday and I did.

Recently I have been ignoring my true feelings in hopes of ensuring everyone else’s happiness, but recently it had been overcoming me and so I decided to do something about it.

It made me realise that sometimes even when you choose or make a right decision you may end up standing alone, but then I looked around and realised that I was truly not alone. I had friends that stood by my side from the very beginning, and it made me smile because I realised the kind of true friends I have.

And so, even though I lost a friend in that decision-making I realised that I had been blessed with so much more. Much more than I could have asked for and for that I am truly thankful.




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