I am secretly becoming more environmentally friendly and aware of my surroundings. Now a days it bothers me when I see people waste water or throw litter on the floor or do something non-environmetally friendly. For instance the other day a friend of mine took a shower before they exercised and when they were done with their vigorous workout they took another shower. Now cheers to my friend for being hydienic, but I could not understand why she could not just have one shower right after her exercise instead of having two. We already waste litres of water brushing our teeth. But yes you get the point. Keep in mind I do love my showers, but I love our environment. It is depressing knowing that our planet, flourishing with life, is already dying and although we humans have started trying to make an effort we still affect our planet in great ways. Sometimes I reckon we do not notice what we really do to our resources or how we really effect climate change, because we are so used to our daily routines all other little things go unnoticed.

I am so engaged in topics like environmental science, meteorology, global warming etc. that I have decided to work on my first real documentary. ‘The Green Life’. I am currently still working on the research so the video production part has not really commenced much. I want it to be great and just great 😀 But I also want people to understand that our planet truly is a special place. We only allow recognition when we watch informative documentaries that really open our eyes, but disregard it later and move on with our lives. I am going to introduce ‘local heroes’ in my documentary to at least inspire people to contribute to saving our planet. I know I’m still young, but you got to start somewhere.


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