Being alone

In my room

With wondering thoughts

Shadows as friends

As we sit alone in the dark

with silence.

Silence and solitude

Has taught me many things [surprisingly].

It has taught me how to be patient, serene and thankful.

It has taught me how to love more, live and let go.

Just me being alone has helped me spill out everything that has or had been clogged up in my head and just lay it out…like a flow chart or spider diagram…one by one trying to sort things out.

It has helped me look upon my past, sometimes angrily, happily, lugubriously or sometimes in great remorse with me slapping my hands on my face like “WHY GOD WHYYYY DID THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!” But it always ends up with me feeling okay. Going to bed satisfied or well… just satisfied. I have come to a realisation that sometimes horrible things happen in life, but you just gotta take it and move on, no matter how bad it gets. And then I go about finding ways of helping myself move on with my life. A little better 😛

It has helped me think about my future…not too much actually for I try not to plan my future so much because you never know what can happen, buttttt I do anyways and it gives me hope. That thought of tomorrow being another brand new day, full of possibilities. A way of starting fresh and leaving all my problems in the past. It always gets me going.

All these thoughts lead me to think how I am blessed and how the present truly is a present. It makes me love life and appreciate it a lot more.
All this from solitude and a little time to my self before I go to bed.
hehe 🙂


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