I just had a birthday recently on the 10th and like New Years it got me thinking. Am I happy?


Every time I look back at the pictures of how I celebrated my birthday weekend with my family and close friends it makes me think about that simple question. When I look at my birthday cake I look at the candles and not only does it remind me that time is really moving on and that I’m not getting any…younger, but it reminds me of all the years I have been blessed with. All the years I have been thankful for and all of which I have accomplished. Birthdays truly remind me of New Years. It obviously marks the day you were born, but it is also a reminder that life does go on. It always gives you a chance to start fresh and just move on along with life whilst doing the things you love.

As I am overcoming this new age I constantly try to remind myself how luck I am and how everyday is a new day filled with new possible opportunities. How I am so thankful to have already acknowledged those who truly matter to me.

Its funny. The first time I blew out my candles I didn’t even make a wish [well because I like to think that I was too into the moment whilst everyone was singing me ‘Happy Birthday’], but to answer that first question, I was happy. I am Happy. And I know that regardless of what has happened in the past, I am now living in the present. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I know that I will try to keep living life optimistically with each year no matter how bad or good things get. It’s always worth trying.


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